September 1st, 2015 CHILD SAFETY BELT LAW CHANGECPS_Index_Header

The State of New Jersey has instituted new rules requiring babies and toddlers to remain in rear-facing car seats until they are 2 years old and 30 lbs. Older children must remain in booster seats until they are 8 years old or 57 inches. Parents and caregivers who don’t follow the new regulations could face fines ranging from $50 to $75. For more information click here.


Effective July 1, 2014, the fines for talking or texting on a hand-held wireless communications device will increase.Use Hands-free devices sparingly First time offenders will face a fine of at least $200. The fine associated with a second offense will increase to at least $400 and drivers who are caught a third time will face a fine of at least $600, a possible 90-day suspension of their driver’s license and will be assessed (3) three motor vehicle penalty points.

Although it is discouraged, drivers may use a hands-free device if it does not interfere with standard safety equipment. “Use” of a wireless phone and any other hand-held communication device includes, but is not limited to, talking or listening to another person, texting, or sending and receiving electronic messages.

A hand-held phone may be used for an emergency only and the driver must keep one hand on the wheel at all times.

October 20th, 2010 SNOW/ICE REMOVAL LAW

39:4-77.1 MOTORISTS in New Jersey MUST remove all snow and ice from vehicle before operation. For more information click here.


39:4-36 MOTORISTS in New Jersey MUST stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk. For more information click here.

March 25th, 2009 MOVE OVER LAW

39:4-92.2 MOTORISTS in New Jersey MUST move over into another lane away from police, fire and rescue rigs as well as tow trucks and other highway safety vehicles that may be rending assistance on the side of the road. For more information click here.

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